ECAL/Zai/Hiking stick
G10, lamb leather, steel
Ø 28 mm, length 170 mm
Photos Marie-Pierre Cravedi

This project started with a brief from Zai, a company that is specialized in the design and production of up-market luxury skis and has its headquarters in Disentis. It is a gift, a souvenir for the travellers who take the Glacier Express and have to wait at the isentis train station before proceeding with their journey. This walking stick aims at conciling both the creative and inventive spirit of the company, and its unmistakable design and aesthetic conceptions. My project of an adjustable handle was inspired by the ski sticks that were used at the beginning of the 20th century, but also by a walking stick with a handle made of the horn of alpine animals that is typical of Graubünden canton. The handle is machined from G10, a synthetic material made of fiberglass soaked in epoxy resin and the pressurized. It is very hard-wearing and withstands exceptionally well water, cold, heat, decay and corrosion. The handle can be adjusted to the hand thanks to a simple system of leather straps and is fixed to the stick with a screw.