Les Étagères
simple ring, double ring, simple bracelet, double bracelet, see-through bracelet
24 carat gold plated copper, cultured freshwater pearls, Howlite
Made by Remigiusz Grodzicki
Photos Remigiusz Grodzicki

A collection of jewellery Les Étagères (shelves, from French) can be seen as a kind of materialization of my vision of what being a designer is all about : creating new objects that are inspired by already existing ones and the necessary classification of these objects that creation entails: a sort of aesthetic representation of both creation and re-creation on the one hand and classification on the other hand.
I wanted to reproduce this notion of order and classification in a small piece of jewellery. I also wanted to play with the visibility of the objects. Depending on the angle they are being looked at, the objects are visible or not and this changes with almost every move of the person who wears the jewel; as if it was “recreating itself”, so to speak, with every move.
Les Étagères, is a part of X Art Yard Sale, December 1-30, 2013 in Warsaw; Poland.