Bookmark: Serpentine marble / Mirror with base: White Carrara marble / Desk organizer: Granite Brun Antique / Long tray: Black marbe Marquina / Round tray: Mareuil Limestone
Manufactured by Marbrerie Gros-Dérudet
Photos Wojtek Spychalski

Stratifications is a collection of five objects based on the complementarity between the simplicity of the forms and sophistication and intensity proper to the texture of laminated marble.

This project is part of a more global reflection on marble work started some years ago. One of my main goals is to rid marble of the heaviness it is often associated with in funeral monuments and to make it more suitable for the modern interiors. Stratifications also result from a collaboration with a marble mason. This technique of laminated marble is a way to break the massive aspect of marble by slicing it and also to use otherwise unused scraps, just like with glued laminated wood. It also allows to bring forth the graphic aspect of marble by breaking the linear pattern of the natural veining. Stratifications is rather an echo of the natural stratified appearance of marble as found in quarries, before being transformed.

STRATIFICATIONS, was a part of Young Creative Poland: 4 Years On exhibition, during the London Design Festival, September 16-22, 2013.

STRATIFICATIONS won Must have! label award, Lodz Design Festival, 2014.